The Grand Canyon Traverse Hiker List

This is a list of the few hikers that have completed an end-to-end traverse of the Grand Canyon. This is defined as traversing the length of the Grand Canyon from Lee’s Ferry to the Grand Wash Cliffs, all below the Kaibab Limestone rim. Included are hikers that have done their traverse “continuously” in one long journey, and ones that have split their traverse into segments tackled over the years.

Click the image below to open the detailed spreadsheet in a new window. Updated 03/10/2024.

And finally, this list has been recorded over many years by volunteers and Grand Canyon historians. Please, please, please let us know if we missed someone. It is meant to be fun, but it is probably not exhaustive, and it should not be used in any promotional or commercial materials.

The Grand Canyon Hikers & Backpackers Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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