GCHBA Board Election – June 4-10, 2018

GCHBA Calls for Candidates for Board of Directors

The Grand Canyon Hikers and Backpackers Association is soliciting candidates to fill up to nine positions on its Board of Directors. These positions are two-year terms, however in order to stagger the board seats, the five highest vote totals will serve two year terms and the next four highest will serve one year terms.  

The application deadline to run for a position on the GCHBA board is May 12, 2018.

Persons interested in a Board position are encouraged to provide a candidate statement of 200 words or less. Please tell us about yourself, and how you perceive the organization can engage and support the Grand Canyon hiking community.  Your statement will be distributed to all members of GCHBA.

Statements of interest, and completed Candidate Statements must be e-mailed to gchba.org@gmail.com by May 12, 2018.

Potential Board Candidates and Members that wish to vote in the Board election must be GCHBA dues paying (“Backcountry”) members.

Candidate statements will be posted for general access along with membership and ballot info. 

Voting will take place electronically at the organization’s website gchba.org between June 4 and June 10.  Votes must be received by June 10, 2018 to be counted. 

Announcements will be made on the organization’s social media outlets: Yahoo Groups (“Grand_Canyon_Hikers”), Google Groups (“Grand Canyon Hikers”) and Facebook (“Grand Canyon Hikers and Backpackers”), and at the organization’s website.

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GCHBA Welcomes New Board Member

The results of the annual election to the board of directors of Grand Canyon Hikers and Backpackers Association were announced at the annual meeting held on March 28, 2015.  A new board member, Madelaine Bryant, of Flagstaff, Arizona, was elected.

The Grand Canyon Hikers & Backpackers Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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