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GCHBA Annual Meeting and Election Results

The GCHBA Annual Meeting was held at Arizona Hikers Shack and by teleconference, on March 28, 2015, at 10:00am Grand Canyon Time (MST).
The meeting agenda was as follows:
1. Treasurer’s Report
2. Membership Report
3. President’s Report – The Year in Review
a. Advocacy
i. Bison Management Plan
ii. Overflights: FAA “Quiet Technology Incentive”
iii. Kelly Point Road Closure
b. Stewardship
i. Fall service project – Phantom Ranch
ii. Spring service project – Indian Garden
c. Ongoing Issues
i. Backcountry Management Plan
ii. Packrafting rules (superintendent’s compendium)
iii. Great Thumb access
iv. Trailhead access (general)
v. Grand Canyon Escalade (tramway)
d. Communications
i. Web site GCHBA.ORG
ii. Facebook page (
iii. Facebook group (
e. Fundraising
i. Indian Garden picnic tables project – Grand Canyon Association
ii. Unsung Hero award – Jeff Ingram
4. Board of Directors Election
5. New business

Ned Bryant reported the results of the election:
Re-elected:  Ned Bryant, Josh Case, Frank Feagans, Hank Schnieder
Newly elected:  Madelaine Bryant

GCHBA Welcomes New Board Member

The results of the annual election to the board of directors of Grand Canyon Hikers and Backpackers Association were announced at the annual meeting held on March 28, 2015.  A new board member, Madelaine Bryant, of Flagstaff, Arizona, was elected.

The Grand Canyon Hikers & Backpackers Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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